Executive Assistant to the CEO (Position Code: 2017-EA)

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Administrative & Support Services
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Agrible has an immediate opening for an Executive Assistant to the CEO, Chris Harbourt.
Its ok! learn and snoop about Chris:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-harbourt-6aa01916/
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @ChrisHarbourt  

Learn About Agrible www.agrible.com
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @Agribleinc or @Agrible  

Agrible is an exceptional team of over 70 agronomists, atmospheric scientists, professionals, and software developers who share an awesome goal: Transform the future of farming. We are helping growers realize the promise of big data and technology. We opened our doors in 2012 to provide growers with tools to increase productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. What makes us different? Our unrelenting focus forward. We are proud to have the industry’s best forecasts—weather forecasts, yield projections, nutrition estimates, seed performance predictions—married to extraordinary technology. With this, we create practical, pragmatic tools to help growers and the ingredients supply chain prove and improve sustainability.  

At Agrible, every single day when we come to work we are creating our own legacy.  We get to leave this place better than we found it because of the very work we have chosen to do with this company. We've chosen to attack big and difficult problems, that not one other group of people has been able to solve and that many don't have the capacity or audacity to tackle. We are helping people get paid for doing the right thing. We're allowing the good workers of this world to find value in the quality of ingredients they supply and finding them rewards for their commitment to the planet. We will continue hunting for the best and brightest people we can find to ensure we are accomplishing these big, hairy goals, and redefining what is possible along the way. We are charting a new path forward and we know that sometimes that means long days, short nights, frustrations, creating things, breaking things, pushing the boundaries of logic and creativity.  


  • To anticipate needs and assist Chris, a leader truly driving us through awesome growth

  • Manage schedules, prep & stage meetings, work through details, and arrange travel

  • To become a trusted partner with Chris and with other senior managers to help maximize efficiency, manage priorities, and increase productivity

  • To help Chris succeed and to help Agrible succeed


  • Excellent time management skills, ability to multi-task, and prioritize work

  • Attention to detail and problem solving skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong organizational and planning skills

Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. Please send a resume and cover letter addressing your salary requirements and establishing your experience/qualifications for the criteria outlined above. Please submit these items to careers@agrible.com.

Location of Position: Champaign, IL
Agrible is an equal opportunity employer