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Join the EarthSense Team

EarthSense is creating a new class of autonomous robots and machine learning algorithms for dynamic and uncertain field environments. We have been called one of the 12 AgTech startups to watch by AgFunder and Future Farmer.

We are growing our team of innovators and looking for individuals who want to do cutting edge work in machine learning, machine vision, robotics, and electronics integration.

Ideal EarthSense team members have a passion for robotics, AI, and agriculture and a strong drive to make a difference.

If you have a proven track record (experience, code repos, publications, or education) in these areas, do get in touch!


  1. BS/MS in electrical engineering or related field
  2. Experience in designing electronic systems for compact devices
  3. Experience in PCB design and system optimization
  4. Experience in integrating device drivers and creating embedded software in C, C++, and other languages
  5. We are looking for experienced individual, however, if you have done exciting projects during your BS/MS, please do get in touch too


Tell us why you want to be a part of our mission - https://www.earthsense.co/careers