Data Scientist

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A Little About Us 
Verizon Media Group is one of the premier destinations on the Internet. This means that we rely on massively scalable, widely distributed, highly performant, and efficient software systems.  If you want to help solve complex software problems for systems like these, we are looking for you.
Verizon Media Group’s Data Measurements and Insights team works on one of the biggest online advertising and audience data sets in the world. We are responsible for providing fast, clean, and relevant data for VMG’s advertising businesses as well as key measurements and insights about the users of VMG.  We are developing next generation technologies to enrich our advertiser and user experience through complex, scalable data platforms, with ever growing and interesting challenges.
A Lot About You 
We're looking for world-class, fun-loving engineers to join our team in Champaign, Illinois where you will have the opportunity to
build on top of our world-class advertising data systems to drive new insights around campaign effectiveness, sales forecasting, and advertising platform robustness. As a VMG Data Scientist you will leverage the latest machine learning and data science techniques to produce validated solutions for us in our advertising platforms to help drive revenue and sales.
Your Day 
You will spend your days doing things like:
  • Working with business leaders and engineers to discuss potential new features and customer issues to investigate
  • Exploring large data sets for relationships, insights, and anomalies
  • Building machine learning models to explain the past or predict the future
  • Incubating data science and machine learning tools for use in the organization
  • Playing with your friends in some of our local games and contests, from trivia to table tennis, puzzle building, escape rooms and more
  • Helping your team figure out priorities and processes and what’s next
You Must Have
  • An advanced degree in Computer Science, Control Theory, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or a related quantitative field
  • The ability to excel in abstract and statistical thinking while deeply grounded in solid business judgment
  • Interpersonal communication and relationship skills including the ability to explain complex analytical concepts to non-experts
  • Data Science experience in solving classification and clustering problems on the web, performing information retrieval from unstructured and semi-structured data set, and building supervised and semi-supervised learning solutions 
  • A solid core computer science foundation in data structures and algorithms and object-oriented programming
  • Proficient programming skills in languages and frameworks such as Java, Python, and R
  • Experience with big data technologies such as Hadoop (Pig/Hive), Spark, or other related technologies
If this describes you, then we have a career for you at our place. Please email your resume to with the subject "Data Scientist Resume".
Come see what we’re doing at Verizon Media Group on the Silicon Prairie in Champaign, Illinois!