Data Science and Informatics Intern - Insect Resistance Modeling Tool

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Corteva AgriScience TM, Agricultural Division of DowDupontTM  is seeking a student intern to join their Data Science and Informatics team. The position is located at University of Illinois Research Park (2021 South First Street, Champaign, IL 61820)

Project Description

Corteva Agriscience TM, Agricultural division of DowDuPontTM, has a newly developed weed resistance modeling tool that allows estimates for the onset of weed resistance (in seasons or years) as a function of common management practices such as cultivation, rate reduction, tillage, and so on.  (West et al, 2018).  We propose to expand this model into insect resistance while applying optimization algorithms to define the best combinations of management strategies that lead to maximizing the profitability over the product lifespan under parametric uncertainty while maintaining pest control.  

West, A., Altieri, A; Cryer, S.  (2018).  Generalized Management Strategies to Delay Herbicide Resistance: A Simulation Approach.  Weed Science.  doi: 10.1017/wsc.2918.13


We seek a current UIUC student (Engineering, Mathematics, or similar discipline) to work at the UIUC research park part time work during the academic school year.  MS/PhD preferred and experience with Matlab and/or Python programming a plus.

If interested, please send your current CV to Lisa Brooks, Data Science & Informatics Administrative & Logistics Coordinator: