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Data Analyst - (1702656) 
Data Analyst will: 

• Work as part of the Digital Data and Insight team enabling the integration of data sources with next generation technologies across functional boundaries.
• Review legacy data platforms and data sets to innovate and integrate across the business to collaborate and partner with key stakeholders to deliver the next generation data platform for Syngenta. 
• Work with analysts, project teams and others within Syngenta, translating data-driven insights into actions and decisions
• Identify and establish analytics tool guidelines and standards, driving best in class solutions for data preparation, analysis, visualization, and reporting.
• Set clear and inspiring visions, bringing to life the business and architectural context showing how the analytics tools fit within the overall infrastructure and high-performance data architecture.
• Drive, organize and deliver the data integration support for a corporate computing capability.
• Promote a corporate entrepreneur mindset within the Digital Digital Data and Insight Lab that will positively influence the successful delivery of fast paced digital Digital Data and Insight solutions, ideas & opportunities. 
• Ensure experiments and sprints are delivered within compliant Syngenta's project standards, security standards.


Knowledge, experience & capabilities

Experience and skills:
• Expert knowledge of applied data analytics and informatics.  
• Experience with large scale data integration and analysis.
• Experience in Big Data tools, analysis, methods and integration.
• Knowledge of informatics, analytics, computational science, service management, delivery.
• Knowledge of toolsets and capabilities utilized by expert data scientists and modelers.
• NoSQL and RDBMS databases. 
• Hadoop-based tools (Hive, Hbase, MapReduce, MongoDB, Cassandra).
• Data modeling and ELT / ETL.
• Data analytics and visualization.
• Working with cross-functional / organizational / geography people and teams.

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