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Software & Web Development
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Deep in the heart of the mystical land known to mere mortals as Champaign, a Backend Developer is being sought. The Syngenta Digital Innovation Lab is looking for a talented intern, who is well-read and well-practiced in the ancient ways of Python Developmentto join their team. They seek one who is willing to give it their all, to put in the work of a thousand blazing suns, to aid them in their development of web app technology. Could you be the Chosen One? Forge on ahead to find out!

What Your Quest Entails: 

  • Develop, maintain, and scale Syngenta Digital’s various projects. Be warned! Some tasks are far more than what meets the eye--do you have the power within?
  • Work directly with your fellow grail-seekers as well as the Stakeholders of Olde to help define product vision and strategy to continue developing.
  • Harness the All Seeing Eye in an effort to truly understand the best practices in performance, scalability, and software development. Then, take your newfound knowledge and and implement it into the code you write.
  • Collaborate with your fellow quest-goers (front-end, iOS, etc.) to define the roadmap of innovation that you will adventure and code upon.


Requirements For the Feat:

  • Understands and can decode the runes of The One Code To Rule Them All: Python.
  • You have swam in the river of Node.Js and have survived-- your veins now run rich with the knowledge of said coding language.
  • Proof of both experience and completion of the Software Development and Building API’s adventures.
  • Experience using a myriad of modern web and backend technologies (Django, Python, etc.)
  • Excellent ability to tell tales of your coding odysseys to crowds both technical and non-tech based.
  • Experience using analytics data to make decisions on UI.


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