Campus Facility Use

A significant benefit of being a tenant at the Research Park at the University of Illinois is the ability to access campus resources.

Companies can gain access to University of Illinois laboratory equipment and facilities by entering into Facilities Use Agreement and/or Technical Testing Agreements with the University.

“We’re using the confocal microscope at The Institute of Genomic Biology which allows us to do state-of-the-art science without having to buy the equipment ourselves,” said Otto Folkerts, Director of Transgenic Programs and manager of Chromatin's Champaign operation.

The top requested research facilities include the cleanroom labs within the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory; various sophisticated lasers; and microscopy. Companies also may access the Blue Waters sustained petascale computing facility.

Companies also have access to rapid prototyping and machine shop services through the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering. Clients pay on a cost-recovery basis (materials and labor only), so prices are extremely low compared to commercial service options.

Faculty/staff companies located in EnterpriseWorks and the Research Park are able to setup interdepartmental agreements for technical testing or facilities use, resulting in substantial savings versus external company use rates.

Additionally, EnterpriseWorks allows incubator clients to purchase laboratory supplies through university stores. It has agreements with major suppliers, including Fisher Scientific and VWR, which extend university pricing to startup companies located in the Research Park.